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Infinity Management, Inc. (IMI) was founded in 1987 as The Management Company (TMCO), an asset management firm specializing in the management of rental housing with an emphasis on Tax Credit compliance and other governmental agency regulatory compliance. On January 1, 1998, the organization incorporated which necessitated a name change. The company was founded by Russell and Sunny Gibler.

Infinity Management has its main offices located in Lewiston, Idaho. Currently, IMI has over 50 rental housing projects, consisting of more than 2000 apartment units under contract for management or being managed in a joint venture with the general partner of the ownership. These projects are located in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington and California. IMI contracts or participates in contracts to perform essentially all of the responsibilities of ownership. Some of these responsibilities include monitoring tenant eligibility and compliance with program requirements, oversight of fiscal accounts and maintenance of accounting records. Expertise in RD, Equal Housing, HOME, Section 8, California HCD, RHCP and Tax Credit requirements assure compliance at every level of governmental review and oversight. Infinity Management is also experienced in reporting to limited partners through the syndicators of the partnerships since most of the properties managed are owned by limited partnership entities.

Infinity Management offers a very high level of integrity and compliance while maintaining a good working relationship with owners, syndicators and governmental agencies. That has been the objective since its beginning in 1987 and continues to be embodied in the service that is provided.

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